How to Recover Playstation Network Account Without Email or Password

To recover your Playstation Network account without an email or password, you will need to reach out to Playstation support. When speaking to them, you will need to provide some personal information to get the account back.

Playing video games is a hobby that millions of people partake in. However, if you took a bit of a break and your Playstation account has been inactive for years, how can you recover it when you don’t know the password and don’t have access to the email you used to sign up?

While this may seem impossible at first, that’s not actually the case. Read on to learn more about how to recover a PlayStation Network account without a password or email.

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to recover a Playstation Network account without an email or password, you will need to reach out to Playstation Support directly and speak with an agent. They may be able to recover it for you, but no guarantees.
  • Some of the information that Sony may request to confirm you are the actual owner of the account includes your online ID, the email used to sign up for the account, information about the console you used to create your account, and more.
  • Even if your account has been inactive for a long time, you may still be able to get it back. While the company can delete your account after 24 months of inactivity, there are no guarantees that they will and you could save a dormant account from years ago.

Contact Playstation Customer Support

When you attempt to recover your PlayStation Network account, you will traditionally need either your password itself or your email which can be used to recover said password. If you don’t have either of them, your only option is to reach out to Playstation support.

This can be done via a phone call, or through a live chat with a PlayStation Expert. Live chat is the recommended option and is a quick and easy way to get in contact with an agent. Just fill in your name, email address, and your question (explain your situation with as much detail as possible), and hit the Send button.

After that, you’ll be connected to an agent:

The agent will generally be able to guide you through the necessary steps to get your account back, if possible. As far as how long the process can take, that varies depending on your unique situation, and it could be a few minutes or multiple days.

Information Sony May Use to Help Verify Your Account

When you reach out to Sony about recovering your PlayStation Network account, the company won’t simply give you access to an account because you say it’s yours. Instead, they will likely need you to provide some information to verify that it’s actually your account.

The exact things they’ll ask for may vary, but a few pieces of information you should have on hand if possible include:

  • Your online ID
  • The email you used to sign up for a PlayStation Network account in the first place (even if you don’t have access to it anymore)
  • Serial number of the console you used to create your PlayStation Network account
  • Details of your past transactions within the PlayStation Network account
  • Your date of birth

There could be some other information they request, but these are some of the most common. If you don’t at least have some of this information available to prove that you are the owner of the account, you may struggle to get it back. The more you can offer, the better your chances.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Playstation Network accounts, as well as their answers.

How long can a PlayStation Network Account be inactive before getting deleted?

While PlayStation says it can delete your account after 24 months of inactivity, they generally don’t do it as several people have been able to get accounts back after years of not using them.

Can I recover a suspended Playstation Network account?

The answer is that it depends. If your account has been suspended for account debt, paying it off will provide you access again. However, suspensions for breaching the terms of service or code of conduct are final.

Final Thoughts

While trying to recover a PlayStation Network account with no email or password might seem like a fruitless endeavor, all hope is not lost.

I hope this guide has helped you learn how you can recover your PlayStation Network account even if you don’t have the email or password associated with it.

Is there something I should have included in this guide, but left out? If so, let me know in the comment below.

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