Have you ever accidentally deleted some files from your device, a computer, a digital camera, or a mobile phone, and you don’t have a backup of the data? Oftentimes, third-party data recovery software tools are your last resort. However, the truth is no data recovery software can guarantee a 100% recovery rate.

That’s why we created this site, with the mission to help you find good data rescue tools and avoid the bad ones! Many data recovery software providers claim a high recovery rate. But is that true? We’ve tested 42 data recovery software products and documented our findings here.

If you are not sure what software to use to recover your lost data, see our best data recovery software guide for detailed recommendations. We also cover data backup and data security related tips in our Blog section.

The Team

Adrian Try

Adrian is a tech geek who has worked in the IT industry for the last few decades and regularly helps people with computer disasters, including lost data. He’s faced quite a few data disasters since he started using computers in the 80s. About five times the crucial data was lost due to computer failure or human error. He was successful in recovering the data about half the time. You can read Adrian’s articles here.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Email: adrian@datarescuetools.com

Devansh Kamdar

Devansh is a writer and tech enthusiast who often spends his free time wading through the latest releases, industry news, and hardware benchmarks just for fun. His goal is to share his expertise further through his articles to help you secure your data and make better and more informed choices regarding your computers and devices. You can read Devansh’s articles here.

Amazon Author | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Email: devansh@datarescuetools.com

Lavelle Lemonier

Lemonier is a former U.S. Army combat solider and a retired auditor for the State of Texas. He is also a college professor, a filmmaker, and a freelance photographer and videographer. He has used many computers, phones, cameras, drones, memory cards, external drives, and other tech devices. Overall, he is pretty tech-savvy and he absolutely understands the significance of data security. You can read Lavelle’s articles here.

IMBb | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | Email: lavelle@datarescuetools.com

Caleb Miller

Caleb is a self-taught photographer who is passionate about sports photography. He currently uses a Canon Rebel EOS T7i DSLR and Samsung Galaxy A10s (32GB + 125 GB microSD). As a photographer, he understands the common causes of data loss and knows the importance of data backup and recovery. You can read Caleb’s articles here.

Email: caleb@datarescuetools.com

Kale Havervold

Kale has been a professional writer for many years and loves to entertain, inform, and educate with this writing. He loves technology as a whole (consumer, business, smart home, etc.). He currently uses an iPhone X and an Asus Zenbook UX305. When he’s not writing, he loves to stay active, play sports, play video games, and spend time with his loved ones. You can read Kale’s articles here.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Email: kale@datarescuetools.com

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