Editorial Guidelines

Losing precious data can be nerve-wracking. We’ve been there, and we can feel you. The moment you delete something by mistake, or can’t find the files or access your favorite sites, panic often sets in. 

That’s why we want to save you time when you explore the recovery solutions – be it recovering your deleted files from your disk, or retrieving your social media account. We conduct testing and research with the goal of finding you the best possible solutions. 

Our Writing & Editorial Process

We are not a big media company that has hundreds of writers or editors and has tons of resources to optimize the publishing process. However, we share the same code of ethics when it comes to digital publishing.

Our writing and editorial process is simple:

  • Research: We research the topics that are aligned with our mission – helping you find good data recovery software and solutions.
  • Write: We assign the topics to the right freelance writers who are experts in their fields. Some of our writers are best at conducting research and tests about data recovery software. Some are best at teaching you how to get back some files from a storage media or social media, with a step-by-step guide.
  • Edit: We then edit the writers’ drafts and make sure it’s grammatically correct and easy to understand.
  • Publish: Once the drafts are edited, we have a dedicated member who’s responsible for uploading the article drafts to our dashboard and then publishing them.

Why We Only Publish Human Writing and Don’t Use Any AI Robots or Assistants

ChatGPT and other AI writing tools have been the buzzwords in the tech industry since their launches. We, as tech enthusiasts, have tried them and used them in some situations. However, when it comes to writing articles and creating content, we feel it’s morally wrong to use them.

The main reason is that these AI writing tools don’t and likely won’t have the fact-checking ability. Data recovery software and solutions are often very sophisticated and sometimes evolve very quickly along with the products associated with them. The writings from AI robots simply don’t have the quality that meets our publishing standards. 

Another reason is that we firmly believe in human creativity and thinking, and want to keep our writers in our team and perverse that human feelings when it comes to content publishing.

So, rest assured that all the content published on our site is written and edited by human beings, not assisted in any way by AI robots.