Can You Recover a Deleted Facebook Account?

Yes! It’s possible to recover your Facebook account within 30 days of deletion. If you’ve only deactivated your account instead, you can access it again any time you want by simply logging in. Beyond that, you should also remember how to download your data and verify yourself as the user.

​​Hi, I’m Devansh. It’s no secret that Facebook can be a huge time sink. So, you might’ve made a split-second decision to get rid of your account for good. I’ve been there many times myself. Fortunately, if you change your mind, there are ways to access your account again.

In this article, I’ll first go over the differences between deletion and deactivation of an account and describe the steps to regain access. After that, I’ll also explain what you can do if you’re having trouble logging in to your account and answer some common questions.

If you deleted your Facebook account but are now anxious to get back to it, keep reading!

Deletion vs. Deactivation

Let me ask you this: did you delete or deactivate your Facebook account? For many, it’s easy to confuse the two, but there are major differences that can come into play here. You surely came across this option when you were getting rid of your Facebook account.

If you read the descriptions of both above, that just about sums it up. In a nutshell, deactivating is temporary, and deleting is permanent. For more details, visit this page. Now, let’s look at the steps to recover your Facebook account.

Recover Deactivated Facebook Account

The process of recovering a deactivated Facebook account is relatively straightforward. Visit Facebook on your web browser or download the app (Android and iOS) and try to log in with your credentials. Once you’re in, you’ll have the option to reactivate your account!

If you’re having trouble logging in, scroll down to the next section, where I discuss verifying your identity successfully to regain access.

Recover Deleted Facebook Account

If you opted to delete your Facebook account permanently, you might’ve seen this message pop up when you logged out for the last time.

Suppose it has been less than 30 days; simply log in to your account via the website or mobile app. Once logged in, you’ll see this message.

As you can see, Facebook lets you know when the deletion process will begin. You can click ‘Cancel Deletion’ to stop this process and access your account again!

What if You Can’t Log In?

While following the steps in the above section to recover your Facebook account, you might’ve gotten a message saying, ‘To log in to your Facebook account, you need to first confirm your identity.’ This is done to safeguard your account. Follow the on-screen instructions, like identifying your friends from their tagged photos and providing your date of birth.

You can also try to regain access to your account from a friend or family member’s device. Just visit the profile you want to recover and click the three dots below the cover photo. Under ‘Find support or report profile,’ choose ‘Something else’ and click ‘Next.’ Click ‘Recover this account’ and follow the steps.

If you can’t recall your password, you can reset it here. Search for the account you want to recover using either name, email, or phone number. Once the account has been identified, you can reset the password for it. To learn more about how to access your account, check this page.


Here are some common questions related to recovering your Facebook account.

Can You Download Facebook Account Data Before Deleting it?

Yes! When you delete your account, you’re given the option of downloading your data. 

To download your account data in general, head over to ‘Settings,’ ‘Your Facebook Information,’ and click on ‘Download your Information.’

What if Facebook Disabled your Account?

It’s also possible that Facebook disabled your account without your knowledge. Usually, this could happen if you violate their Community Standards. In this case, the best course of action is to submit an appeal. For more info on disabled accounts, visit this page.

Can you Recover Your Deleted Facebook Account After 30 Days?

Once the deletion process has begun, Facebook stores your data for around 90 days. But it’s inaccessible to you after the 30-day grace period. If you want to recover your posts, I recommend checking the emails and notifications received by your Facebook friends. You can also go through your own devices and see if you have copies or screenshots of the content.


You can recover a deleted Facebook account within 30 days of deleting by simply logging in and selecting “Cancel Deletion.” Next time you want to do a digital detox or take a temporary break from Facebook, I recommend you deactivate the account rather than delete it.

This way, other users won’t be able to view your profile. However, if or when you decide to come back, your account and posts will still be there. Anyway, I hope you were able to log back into your account with the steps in this article!

Were you able to successfully log in to your Facebook account? Please share with me in the comments!

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