How to Unarchive Instagram Posts on iPhone

Unarchiving Instagram posts on an iPhone is a quick and easy process that simply involves opening the app, going to your profile, and tapping a few icons. Archiving/unarchiving won’t impact the actual content within your post at all.

Whether you want to hide a post from the public or change up your profile without losing everything, archiving is a simple way to do so. It gets posts off of your page, but still leaves them accessible for you by keeping them safe in an archive.

But what if you have a change of heart and want to restore your profile back to how it was? How do you remove these photos from the archive and bring them back into public view on your profile? Keep reading to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Archiving posts is great for hiding certain posts from the public or changing up the style or branding of your account, without losing all of those past posts forever.
  • In order to unarchive Instagram posts, you need to go to your profile and tap a few icons. It is a very simple process that should only take a few seconds to restore a post to your profile.
  • Archiving/unarchiving a post won’t change it in any way. It will look the same when it is posted, and will even retain its likes and comments.

Steps to Unarchive Instagram Posts on iPhone

If you have some old archived posts you want to bring back to your page, the process is quite simple.

Step 1: Open Instagram and tap the Profile icon on the bottom right side of the screen.

Step 2: Once you’re in your profile, click the three lines icon at the top right side of the screen, and select Archive from the options. There is an archive for Stories, Instagram Lives and Posts, so make sure to navigate to the Posts archive.

Step 3: On this page, you’ll see a list of your archived posts. Scroll through until you find the post you want to bring back.

Step 4: Press and hold the photo until a dropdown menu comes up, and choose Show on profile to bring it back. You can also tap on the photo, click the three dots icon at the top right side of the screen, and then select Show on profile.

There you have it! Unarchiving posts is a very easy thing to do and can be done at any time and as many times as you want. So feel free to archive and unarchive whenever you feel the need.


Here are a few other related questions about unarchiving posts on Instagram.

Does archiving a post change it in any way?

No, when you archive and unarchive a post, it won’t change how it looks in any way. It will even retain things like its caption, comments, and likes and put it right back onto your profile like it never left.

How many Instagram posts can you archive?

There is no limit to how many of your posts you are able to archive. You can also mass archive posts if you want to clean up a large portion of your profile at once, without fully committing to deleting everything and starting fresh.

Final Thoughts

Whether you archived a single post, or cleaned up your entire Instagram profile and now want it back, the process for unarchiving posts on Instagram for iPhone only takes a few clicks. I hope this guide helped you learn how to do it properly.

If there is a tip, trick, or piece of information you feel this article is missing, don’t hesitate to let me know in a comment!

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