How to Find Saved Messages in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a relatively new platform, and sometimes finding saved messages on it can be challenging. This can be especially true if you are part of multiple teams or have a large number of messages.

Hello everyone! My name is Lavelle and I am a professional photographer, videographer, and filmmaker. Like you, I’ve had to learn to navigate my way through Microsoft Teams and along this journey, I have come to understand how to find saved messages in the application.

In this article, I will explain how to access saved messages, how to find those saved messages, and discuss why it’s important to save messages within the application.

How to Access Saved Messages in Microsoft Team

Now that we understand how to save and access the saved messages, let’s go over how to find the saved messages once you exit the application and return at a different time.

To find your saved messages, go to your profile, which is found in the upper right-hand corner, and click on the Saved button. When you do this, the application opens up your saved messages page.

Alternatively, you can find your saved messages by going to the Command Box at the top of your screen by using the keyboard shortcut, Control + E, and then typing “/saved”. Your saved messages should appear from this action as well. This option works for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

This screenshot was taken on my Mac

How to Find Saved Messages on Teams Mobile

To find saved messages on Microsoft Teams Mobile, go to the Account Status page and click on “More Apps”. The saved messages will appear on that screen.

These instructions work on both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Why Should You Save Messages in Microsoft Teams

That’s an excellent question and the answer is rather simple.

You should save messages in Microsoft Teams for record-keeping purposes and refer back to the meeting notes for future reference. 

We are all human and as such we sometimes forget details of conversations. Being able to quickly pull up previous messages takes us back to that moment in time and allows us to recap, remember, and act accordingly.

To save a message in this application, simply move to a chat or to a channel message, hover over it, and then look for the More options button. Then click on the three ellipses in the upper right-hand corner and select Save this message.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Teams is an excellent platform for conducting virtual meetings. It is an efficient way to communicate and it’s actually very user-friendly. Remember to save or bookmark your messages so that you can return to the conversation when needed.

Have you been using Microsoft Teams? Do you find it easy to find the saved messages? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next time, enjoy technology!

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