How to Find My Drafts on Instagram on iPhone

Drafts on Instagram on the iPhone are found by going into your Instagram app, navigating to the “+” icon, and clicking drafts. It is a simple process and this section will include all drafts you currently have saved.

Making an Instagram post can sometimes be a time-consuming process. From choosing the right caption to finding the right filter, there is a lot to consider before posting. 

As a result, there may come a situation where you run out of time before making a post, and need to save it as a draft.

But where can you find these drafts when you want to return and finish them in the future? Thankfully, finding drafts on Instagram is a quick and relatively easy take. Read my guide to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Drafts let you save a post you are working on for the future, and let you finish and share it whenever you’re ready. It is a better solution than having to start from scratch all over again.
  • Finding your drafts is an easy process that only takes a couple of clicks. Similarly, it is incredibly easy to save a post as a draft.
  • Drafts for posts and Reels are saved forever, while drafts for Stories will disappear after a week. They are great for planning future posting or being able to step away from your post mid-edit, without having to lose everything and start over in the future.

Steps for Finding Drafts on Instagram on an iPhone

Finding your Instagram drafts on your iPhone is a simple process that only involves a few taps on your screen.

Step 1

The first thing to do is open your Instagram app, either from your home page or from the App Library. Once in the app, you need to tap the “+” icon, which is the place where you make a new post.

Step 2

When you go to make a new post, you will see a few options at the bottom of your screen. You will see the recent photos you’ve given Instagram access to (or a blank page if the app doesn’t have immediate access to any photos), as well as a Drafts section.

Simply click on Drafts and you will be presented with a list of your drafts. You can search through this list until you find the specific draft you are looking for. If there is no Drafts option on your screen, then you do not have any.

Step 3

To pick up where you left off and continue working on a draft, you can click on the draft, and then press Next at the top right side of your screen. This will let you edit the photo more, add a caption, tag other users, and do everything else before posting.

How to Make a Draft on Instagram

In order to make a draft in the first place, you need to start the process of creating a post. After starting your edits, hit the back arrow to go back to the previous screen.

You will then be asked whether you want to discard the post or save it as a draft. If you save it, you can return to the draft whenever you have the time to finish it off.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about Instagram drafts, as well as their answers.

What are the advantages of using Instagram drafts?

Instagram drafts let you create posts in advance, without having to immediately publish the content. This lets you better schedule future posts, or make edits when you have the time. They also allow you to save your place if something comes up and you can’t finish editing your post.

How long will Instagram drafts be saved?

For Instagram Reels or traditional posts, drafts will be available indefinitely and won’t be deleted. However, if you are creating drafts for an Instagram story, these will disappear after 7 days, so make sure to address them before they are gone.

Final Thoughts

Using Instagram drafts can be a helpful feature to ensure your previous work on a post isn’t lost, and to let you return to any incomplete post to finish it whenever you see fit. I hope this guide has been able to help you learn where you can find these drafts, how to save them, and more.

Is there anything I left out of this guide that you think I should have mentioned? If so, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.

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