Does the iPhone Have an SD Card Slot?

Regardless of what iPhone model you’re thinking of getting, you won’t have an SD card slot. Apple has historically decided against this feature, never offering it for their iPhone line. As SD card slots are being phased out by other brands too, this probably won’t change.

All iPhones don’t have an SD card slot

I’m Caleb, and I have over five years of experience as a photographer. I’m very familiar with using SD cards myself over the years as the means of getting my photos from camera to computer.

In this article, I’ll talk about the iPhone’s lack of an SD card slot and Apple’s reasons for not including one. If you’ve ever wondered why iPhones don’t have this feature, keep reading for the full explanation.

The Quick Answer

No, iPhones don’t come with an SD card slot. This applies no matter what iPhone model you have since Apple has never included SD card support with this product line.

Although, it is technically possible to use an SD card with an iPhone. You have to do it with an adapter, which plugs into your charging port. After you insert the SD card into the slot on the other end of the adapter, you can use it normally.

This is obviously an inconvenient workaround, as you have to keep the adapter plugged in whenever you want to use the SD card. 

If you are set on SD card support, an Android phone with a dedicated SD card slot would be a better option for you. However, even Android manufacturers like Samsung are phasing this feature out of their flagship phone lines.

Why Doesn’t Apple Include an SD Card Slot?

As I said before, most manufacturers are moving away from including SD card support for their higher-end phones. Apple historically hasn’t supported SD cards, and any changes to this policy are unlikely now that the rest of the industry is moving in the same direction.

Apple has some valid reasons to not include an SD card slot. SD cards are slower than internal drives regarding reading and writing files. They’re also less reliable, which is a problem for a company like Apple that emphasizes the quality of its parts.

Also, Apple’s lack of support for SD cards means the company can sell more phones with large internal drives, which increases their profits. Without SD cards as an alternative, many opt to buy an iPhone with more internal storage than they would have gotten otherwise.

Finally, there’s just less need for SD cards compared to before. Internal hard drives have gotten cheaper, and it’s becoming more affordable for the average person to buy a phone with a large internal drive. With this change, much of the need for SD cards has gone away.


These are some of the most asked questions about Apple’s support for SD cards.

Which iPhone has an SD Card Slot?

No iPhone models have SD card slots. While other companies are only moving away from SD cards recently, Apple has avoided them from the beginning.

Why Doesn’t the iPhone Have an SD Card Slot?

Apple’s decision to not give the iPhone an SD card slot likely has to do with performance and reliability. SD cards have slower read and write speeds, and are also less reliable. They also clash with Apple’s ethos of using proprietary parts.

Can You Use an SD Card With an iPhone?

It is possible to use an SD card with an iPhone, despite the lack of an SD card slot. To do this, you’ll need an adapter that plugs into your phone’s charging port.


While other companies have moved away from SD cards in recent years, Apple has always had the stance of not including an SD card slot for iPhones. If you want to use an SD card with an iPhone, you’ll have to use an external adapter.

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