Do Chromebooks Have an SD Card Slot?

Most Chromebook models, especially the newer ones, support SD cards. Some include slots for MicroSD cards, which take up even less space.

I’m Caleb, and I have five years of photography experience. During that time, I’ve done plenty of work with SD cards myself as the main way of getting photos from my camera to other devices.

In this article, I’ll discuss the external storage options available to Chromebook users and where to find the SD card slot on your Chromebook. 

If you need more storage for your Chromebook and you’re wondering if an SD card could solve your problem, keep reading for a simple breakdown.

Is There an SD Card Slot on Chromebooks?

Truthfully, the answer is “it depends.” Multiple manufacturers make Chromebooks, and the exact specs of each one depend on the maker and the specific model. However, most of the newer Chromebooks do come with a slot for an SD card.

If your Chromebook model does have an SD card slot, it will appear as a small opening on the side of the laptop. Certain models may have a MicroSD card slot instead, which is smaller than a regular slot and uses a more compact card.

While SD cards are more commonly used with phones, they can be useful for Chromebook users due to the small hard drive sizes shared by most models in the line. 

After all, the average Chromebook only has about 64GB of storage (source). That’s smaller than many modern phones, and using an SD card for extra storage can help you fit more files into your limited space.

Expanding Your Storage Without an SD Card Slot

While most newer Chromebooks have an SD card slot, it’s still not impossible to end up with a Chromebook model that doesn’t have one. In that case, other ways exist to expand your storage space.

USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives aren’t always as convenient as SD cards. They’re obviously larger and poke out from the side of the laptop instead of nicely fitting into a small opening. However, because they only require a USB slot, they’re compatible with any Chromebook.

Cloud Storage

If you don’t have any external device, such as an SD card or a USB flash drive, using a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox is another way to get around your Chromebook’s limited storage space.

One of the main downsides here is that these services normally cost a subscription fee if you want more than a small amount of storage space. 

On the other hand, they bring a level of convenience not found with local storage, as you can access your files from anywhere and easily share them between devices.


These are some of the most asked questions about the Chromebook and SD card slots.

Where is the SD Card Slot on the Chromebook?

If your specific model has one, your Chromebook’s SD card slot should be a small opening on the side of the laptop. You can recognize it by its size and shape, as it will normally fit your SD card snugly.

Can I Put a SIM Card in My Chromebook?

It depends on your specific model. Some Chromebooks accept a SIM card, allowing them to connect to a mobile carrier’s network. However, it’s worth noting that this slot differs from an SD card slot.

Is 64GB a Lot of Memory For a Chromebook?

64GB is a moderate amount of memory for the Chromebook line. Many Chromebook models, especially older ones, only have 32GB of storage, but newer models are moving in the opposite direction and include up to 256GB.


Whether your Chromebook has an SD card slot depends on the manufacturer and model. However, if your Chromebook came out in the last few years, it probably does have one. Even if it doesn’t, you can still expand your storage using a USB flash drive instead.

Do you have a Chromebook? If so, does it have an SD card slot? Let us know in the comments!

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